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12" White Israeli Multi Bandage (for Abdominal Wounds / Amputations) Expiry Date - 04/2022

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The new bandage has the following improvements: 
  • No pressure bar - to ensure gentle treatment of large exposed organ wounds. 
  • Moisture Seal for covering exposed organs, this seal can be easily removed if required (for amputation injuries). 
  • Compact, Light-Weight (160 g / 5.6 Oz.).
  • 12” x 12” / 30 x 30 cm non-adherent sterile pad connected to 8 inch x 5.46 yard / 20cm x 5 m elasticized Wrapping Leader with Handle Loop, Pressure Applicator, Closure Bar and Stop & Go release 23.6-inch-plus x 23.6-inch-plus Moisture Seal non-adherent plast

The Multi bandage line provides large bandages in compact packaging for treating Abdominal and exposed organ wounds or amputation injuries. Multi bandages are multifunctional with an optional moisture seal for treating exposed organs. Multi bandages are compact, light-weight and vacuumsealed, suitable for first aid combat emergency kits. The Multi Bandage features a large sterile dressing pad, moisture seal, an elastic cloth wrapping leader and an easy to use closer bar – all in a compact, waterproof packaging.

First Care's emergrncy Israeli bandages are the best bandages in the world, produced in Israel for the American military. They are developed and manufactured as innovative first-response medical products to improve field hemorrhage control and to save lives. These bandages has been adopted by military and civilian organizations worldwid.

Competitive Advantages

  • The Emergency Bandage is for the untrained lay person as well as the paramedical professional. The bandage features ergonomic designs for quick and easy application to free the caregiver from searching for additional equipment. Focus and control in treatment are enhanced.

  • The sooner the treatment begins the better the victim’s chances of survival, particularly in cases of hemorrhaging.

  • The Emergency Bandage saves time in an emergency situation where every second is crucial. The Emergency Bandage consolidates the functions of numerous separate pieces of equipment into a single easy-to-use unit. Application is simple and quick. As one unit the bandage performs multiple functions, and therefore enhances the treatment provided.

  • The Emergency Bandage provides injury victims acting alone the ability to accomplish the entire bandaging operation independently, including, in certain cases, tourniquet application, even if using only one hand.

  • Consolidation of functions makes treatment more efficient, both medically and economically. Compared to current treatments the Emergency Bandage proves to be an improved life-sustaining device at a competitive price.

  • Immediate and effective direct pressure to the wound may reduce the need for a tourniquet application. This is an important benefit as tourniquet applications are to be avoided and used only as a last resort. In certain cases, if a tourniquet is required the closure bar is removed from above the pressure bar and inserted between previous revolutions of the wrapping leader 5cm above the wound, over the blood vessel, and rotated. This rotation twists the wrapping leader until the blood flow to the wound site is constricted. After a tourniquet has been achieved, the closure bar is used as before to secure and maintain the tourniquet as well as the secondary sterile wound covering which is still in place.

  • 5

    Posted by JAMEL on 2nd Jul 2019

    EXCELENT PACKAGE, very fast delivery and large surface of protection for the wound , excuse my English. Very big for a IFAK.
    par contre format XXL , pour l E.D.C un poil grand. j recommende vivement . qualite prix sans faille ... je crois qu on a 2 boites de suppo seulement a Paname pour ce prix...

  • 5
    looking good

    Posted by Wim on 23rd Jun 2017

    fast delivery to Belgium

  • 5
    Very good choice for the Medic

    Posted by Matthias on 18th Dec 2016

    This 12" bandage is very good possibility for the Medic. Practicable for big extension wounds (trauma/burn) or amputations. It's a big bandage so not ideal for IFAK but perfect for the Medic Bag. Integrant bandage for the Medic!