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6-Piece SWISS GLOBALTravel Organizer with Digital Scale

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500.00 Grams
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The organizer includes:


  1. Three bags breathe one side waterproof and the other side a mesh.
  2. Exterior material - HYUKIMI FROSTED CLOTH
  3. Nylon inner lining.
  4. Extremely strong zippers.
  5. A small, airtight bag that repels moisture to toiletries.
  6. Sealed bag for washing.
  7. Digital scale up to 50 kg.


Shoe bag: 32x44x10 cm.

Bag for clothes: 32x35x10 cm.

Bag for packing underwear and socks: 24x32x10 cm.

Bag for small objects: 17x19x6 cm.

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