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Arm Sling Size BaYOS

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55.00 Grams
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BAYOS Arm Sling Size M

Hand hanger with adjustable shoulder closure.

Helps prevent shoulder rotation.

The shoulder straps are made from a velvet foam mat with a touch-sensitive closure for added comfort.

Ideal for immobilization (fixation)

Support for the shoulder and elbow joints during the healing of fractures, sprains and various impacts

Suitable for left or right arm

Hand hanger with touch closure adjustment on shoulder straps. Helps prevent shoulder rotation Shoulder straps made of velvet foam mat with touch closure that provides additional comfort Ideal for immobilization Fixation and support of the shoulder and elbow during recovery

Crises, sprains and various traumas Product features: Padded straps for pressure sensitivity • Made of polyester fabric - breathable strength that provides comfortable fit - deep canvas fabric pocket for easy support O ring keeps the strap in the center suitable for left and right : 1. Place the elbow in the disease pocket. Place the thumb in the thumb loop. 2. Place the strap over the opposite shoulder, 3. Place through the D-ring and secure as required 4. The hand should be raised slightly above the crush when it is secure 5. To adjust the length of the strap use a skid plate.