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Chest Wound Special Offer! Halo & TPAK

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  • The perfect treatment for chest wound.
  • Halo chest seal and TPAK chest decompression neesler for use in the management of combat
  • Halo chest seal is packaged in twos for treatment of both entrance and exit wounds.
  • The TPAK is srong, reliable tension pneumothorax needle allows for secure placement of catheter for continuous relief during needle thoracostomy.


In the heat of battle, the HALO Chest Seal can make the difference in saving lives. Ideal for the treatment of open pneumothorax, this seal also prevents the development of tension pneumothorax resulting from gunshots, stab wounds, or other chest injuries and is specifically designed for casualties with excessive bleeding, heavy perspiration, or very wet and extreme environments. The unique design offers a large pull tab that allows for easy, quick application. A highly-aggressive hydrogel enables the HALO Seal to conform and adhere to all contours of the body and also prevents further contamination of the injury.

The HALO Seal has been tested and designed to perform under extreme conditions. Temperature ranges below 32° F / 0° C to over 140° F / 60° C.


  • Non-vented design that is oval in shape. Large pull tabs facilitate removal or venting of wound.
  • Adheres despite storage as defined in Military Standard 8.10G.
  • Minimum incidence of allergic reactions to adhesive.
  • Self-adherent.
  • Non-sterile, Clean.
  • Puncture-resistant packaging.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Minimized weight and cube, Lightweight and ruggedized.
  • Integrity and function maintained when stored or carried in folded configuration.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Easily applied in battlefield situations. Good clinical outcomes after review of battlefield use data. Configured for ease of use in low-light environments.
  • High rate of user acceptance.


TyTek Medical’s 14 gauge TPAK chest decompression needle is in the recommended 3.25" length for treating a tension pneumothorax. You can't count on a standard IV catheter to needle a chest deeply enough in needle thoracostomy. Our 14 gauge x 3.25" TPAK chest decompression needle is a compact, reliable solution for treating a tension pneumothorax. Shock resistant case ensures the needle/catheter is secure upon deployment, and the capless flash chamber gives instant confirmation of needle placement in prehospital needle thoracostomy. TPAK comes in a rugged case, with a textured, easy-open hex cap.


Special Features

  • Rugged needle/catheter protective tube.
  • Easy ID textured twist top.
  • Easy-open container for quick access.
  • Capless flash chamber for immediate confirmation of needle placement.

*Sterile, do not use if seal is compromised.







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    Posted by Sgt.kraisit srisod on 15th Aug 2019

    Is a very cost-effective package