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Disposable Dental Mirror - One-sided

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7.00 Grams
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Disposable Dental Mirror - One-sided

  • One-side, one-piece handle and mirror.
  • Poly film protector with a pull-off tab.
  • Not made of glass, increases the safety of the patient: no broken glass danger.
  • No surface reflection depth loss.
  • Light weight and durable dental mirror. A one-piece handle and mirror fitted with a protective film on the mirror.

The single use dental mirror is the perfect solution for the dentist on the go, or for a busy clinic. The single use mirror is made of plastic and a patented reflective surface, making it useful at the clinic, on house calls and even expeditions. The plastic handle is very firm and designed for best grip during use. The mirror is not made of glass, so there is no depth distortion and no chance of it breaking.

Mirror length: 160 mm (6.3") - handle + mirror.

Weight: 7 g per unit.