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Heavy Duty Emergency Shears

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386.00 Grams
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  • Professional heavy duty emergency shears
  • Cut through clothes, seatbelts, harnesses and other strong materials in case of a rescue operation or emergency.
  • Pointed handle is used as a strong hammer for breaking windows easily. Weighs 14oz / 386gr. Put it where you normally put an emergency hammer and benefit from its multi-functionality in the time of need.
  • One toothed blade and one sharp blade, to fit all kinds of cutting. Comfortable grip handle.

These are professional heavy duty emergency shears. Suitable for emergency escape / extraction. They should be permanently placed in buses / cars for use in emergency situations. The blade is strong enough to cut through a seatbelt in case of a car accident. When used as a hammer, it is heavy and can break windows. Emergency response teams (ERT) use it for rescue and extraction. Place it in the glove compartment or anywhere where an emergency hammer is needed, and benefit from the cutting function as well. You will be ready for anything!