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Multi Bandage 6" Abdominal / Large Wound Amputation Dressing

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  • Multi-Functional bandage for large wounds.

  • Large sterile pad - effective dressing for extensive wounds, burns or amputations.

  • Moisture Seal for covering exposed organs, this seal can be easily removed if required.

  • Compact, Light-Weight, Waterproof, Vacuum-sealed packaging.

  • Sterile Bandage with an 8 year shelf life.

The Multi bandage line provides large bandages in compact packaging for treating Abdominal and exposed organ wounds or amputation injuries.

They are multifunctional with an optional moisture seal for treating exposed organs.

They are compact, light-weight and vacuum-sealed, suitable for first aid combat emergency kits.

The Multi Bandage features a large sterile dressing pad, moisture seal, an elastic cloth wrapping leader and an easy to use closer bar – all in a compact, waterproof packaging.

Length: 370cm (when stretched).

Width: 15cm
Pad Size: 30cm x 30cm
Bag Size: 12.5cm x 24cm 
Moisture Seal: 40cm x 40cm