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Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

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  • Instant read; response time: 0.5s.
  • Fever alarm; easy C° / F° conversion. 
  • Body /object temperature mode.
  • User’s manual included; CE approved.
  • Non-contact thermometer for measuring human body heat. 
  • Aim the thermometer gun at the forehead or body area and press the button.
  • The temperature display one second later. 
  • A sturdy and comfortable grip device with a large button for easy use. 
  • Popular for checking employees, store customers and family members. 
  • Powered by a square 9V battery (not included). 

Non-contact, instant read infrared thermometer. Quick response time, shows results after half a second. Colored fever alarm, and easy C° / F° conversion. Two temperature modes available: body /object.  Object temperature mode is great for checking your baby’s bath water temperature, and for baking as well. A must have product for parents, kindergarten teachers, school nurses, and pediatricians. Records 32 memories. Power: DC 3.0V (2 x AA batteries included). User’s manual included. CE approved.

Non-contact thermometer use guidelines:

1. Always make sure the sensor is free of dirt in order for the data to be accurate.

2. Read the enclosed instruction booklet before initial use. Please make sure the battery is inserted correctly.

3. Do not wet the device in any way and ensure that it is not placed in a high temperature area.

4. Do not use the device in sun or underwater exposure.

5. Do not use the device in a high electromagnetic environment.

6. Keep out of reach of children.

7. Existing and unchanging device settings are recommended. 

8. There is no need to perform maintenance on the device except replace the battery if necessary. 

*Button's color may vary.