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Only Wipes Dry Wipes - Pouch Case And Fill Pack with 50 Wipes

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  • The Only Wipes cloth wipes are the only wipes you can decide on the composition of the materials. In addition to water, essential oils such as calendula and lavender can be added to enrich the wipe. Baby oil can also be added to make the wipe soft and pleasant to the touch, as well as soap (preferably baby soap with no tears and salts).

  • Only Wipes are suitable for wiping your face and hands without fear, they can be cleaned from feeding surfaces and be relaxed so that the surface remains free of food and chemicals.

  • The Only Wipes fabric wipes make it easy for parents who want to avoid the wet wipes available on the market. Instead of washing wet wipes and just use them, or use cotton wool, or rinse in the water. Just use Only Wipes then you know the composition of the materials!

  • We deserve it too! Our health is no less important than our children, we can put Only Wipes in our home, and care about our intimate skin and organ health. 

  • New and improved vagina model - exceptionally strong closure and new design.


Only Wipes are dry wipes with no additional materials and no preservatives. The case contains a multi-use case and one package of dry wipes for filling. Put in the dry cloth wipes and moisten with a glass of water.

The case is made of soft plastic and is very comfortable to use in and out of the house, as it does not take up much space and has a film that attaches with a standard case to any bag or trolley!

The case keeps the wipes moist and the key is made of hard plastic, the wipes are easily and quickly removed.


The Only Wipes fabric wipes are made of high quality biodegradable fabric wipes, to which water is added, and get excellent moist wipes! Oils can also be added for softness, pleasant aroma, and added value when cleaning, and soap can also be added.

You choose what to put in your wipes! All you need is a glass of water and if you like - you can add a few drops of essential oil, a little soap, almond oil for softening or anything else in style :) 

Only Wipes are the unique wipes of fabric development and in-depth research into customer needs. 


- The filler pack contains 50 pcs of dry and biodegradable wipes

- We recommend washing the vagina between uses

- Viscose wipes (100%) without chemicals, no preservatives and no bleaching

- Biodegradable wipes, it is soft and pleasant to the touch and excellent cleaner!


- The refill packaging is made of paperboard and is recyclable

The Only Wipes fabric wipes contain no chemicals and preservatives, and are healthier than regular wipes.
New and improved model sealed and extra strong.
How to use Only Wipes? Watch the following video: