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PANDOC™ Massager Electric Pulses Vibration Massager

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PANDOC is a simple & efficient vibration massager that uses electric pulses, and mechanical vibrations. The D©C*" produces electric pulses that alternately stimulate and relax the muscles. PANDOC is a simple & efficient vibration massager that uses electric pulses, and mechanical vibrations. The D©C*" produces electric pulses that alternately stimulate and relax the muscles. The mete also includes a vibration mechanism to weaken the sensation of the pulses and transmits vibration waves for muscle relaxants.

The PANDOC helps to relieve the stress of muscles. The vibration and electric stimulation create a response in aching and painful muscles, which contract and relax rhythmically. The muscle stimulation generates pressure and the vibration provides a soothing massage.

Helps relieve urinary issues such as urinary hesitancy, urinary retention, and Nocturia.

Turn on. Press to body. Feel Relief.

To be used to relieve muscle-pain, cramps and stiffness.

  •       Provides immediate relief.
  •       5 programs for optimal results.
  •       Soothing vibration mechanism.
  •       Drug free, non-invasive.
  •       No need for electrode pads.
  •       Built in electrodes.
  •       One of a kind device to be used also for urinary conditions.
  •       Compact and lightweight.


      Portable & convenient for travel.

hat is the Gan rtm r Electrical Muscle pulse Generator ?  The Electrical Muscle Pulse Generator (EMPG) is an internationally accepted and proven way to treat muscles and encourage muscle movement passively. The 7 sends various patterns of pulses to the muscles through four electrodes located on its bottom side. The .muscles respond to the pulses and start to flex and relax rhythmically. The Atlittrm helps with sore muscles, joint aches, back pain and muscle relaxation (stiff muscles). The WAIKODOCim can also be used for urinary related conditions. No need for electrode or pads.



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