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Protective Hood Breathable Face Mask Prevent Splashing CE FDA

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  • Spatter proof.
  • Ultra-wide angle.
  • Comfortable use.
  • Protect against mask bruises.
  • Efficient filter system.
  • Ergonomic design. 

Before the protective hood was invented, the face could have scratches caused by long-time wearing ordinary google and masks. The photos were taken during the COVID-19 in Chinese Hospitals. It was called “the most beautiful scratch”.
The medical protective hood covers the head of the medical staff or patient and the filter device covers the nose and mouth.
The integrated structure separates the space inside the hood from the space outside the hood, and the air is exchanged through the filter device to ensure that the air inhaled from the mouth and nose is clean.
The cap body of the product isolates the head of clinical medical staff or patient, blocking body fluid, blood spatter or splash.
The filter device can filter particles in the air, blocking droplets, blood, body fluids, secretions.

 Built-in high-efficiency filtering device, easy replacement, change every eight hours. Prevent splashing and breathe smoothly.

CFDA Certification; CE Certification.

Applied Standard: GB 19083-2010, YY/T 1497-2016, YY 0469-2011.



Type I

Type II

Cap body


Filter device*

Tightening belt

Shawl cap body


*Filter device consists of protective cover, fixing strap and adjusting cap

Advantages and Compare 


Medical Protective Hood

N95 Mask

Excellent Filtration



Excellent Protection



Damage to facial area


Integrated design


(Need to wear medical goggles)

Preventing Splashing



It is suitable for primary, secondary and tertiary.



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