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QuikClot® Advanced Clotting Gauze 3" x 24" (Two Pack)

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Make QuikClot® Advanced Clotting Gauze an integral part of your trauma pack or first aid kit to be best prepared for emergencies.

  • Stop bleeding five times faster with QuikClot® Advanced Clotting Gauze, which is impregnated with kaolin, a naturally occurring mineral that accelerates your body’s natural clotting process.
  • Recommended by TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) guidelines for use by all 5 branches of the US military.
  • Kaolin is an inert, non-allergen mineral proven to be an effective clotting agent that contains no botanicals and no animal or human proteins.
  • Quick, easy and simple to use and to remove. Apply the gauze to the source of the bleeding and apply pressure.
  • This light-weight and extremely compact package contains two strips of QuikClot® Advanced Clotting Gauze (3” x 24”). Keep it in your trauma kit, glove box, emergency medical kit, range bag, first responder kit, purse, or first aid kit.
  • QuikClot® Advanced Clotting Gauze stops bleeding efficiently. Tested and proven through years of combat use by the U.S. Military, you can depend on QuikClot® Advanced Clotting Gauze to save time when every second counts.
  • When applied, the hemostatic gauze accelerates the body’s natural clotting process by five times in order to stop the bleeding. This two-pack gauze is extremely absorbent, flexible and pliable to easily contouring to wounds. It is also impregnated with kaolin, a naturally-occurring mineral proven to be effective as a hemostatic agent. Inorganic and inert, kaolin is non-allergenic, making it safe and effective to use.