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Reusable Silicon Granules Heat Pillow

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Nontoxic, silicon granules heat pillow.
Great as a pain relief, and for treatment of pulled muscles.
Reusable; safe & easy to use.
Suitable for freezing as well.
Covered with a corduroy pillowcase that keeps you warm in a cold weather.

Product Information from the Producer:

Nontoxic, silicon granules heat pillow for the microwave with a corduroy pillowcase that keeps you warm in a cold weather. Reusable, safe & easy to use. Heat the gel pillow at maximum heat for 40 seconds, and wait one minute before use. You can re-heat your pillow in a microwave for ten more seconds at a time, to achieve the desired temperature. The pillow is suitable for freezing as well. For the desired result, please store your gel pillow in the freezer for at least two hours before use. Can be used to treat sprains, strains & contusions, reducing pain and swelling to soft tissues. Promotes faster healing of joint and muscle pain, menstrual pain, inflammation, sport or activity injuries and back spasms.

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