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Special Offer: Uriel Ice & Go Cooling Bandage x 2 + Uriel Ice & Go Spray

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330.00 Grams
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  • Save more than 30% on this special offer! 
  • Uriel Ice & Go Cooling Bandage is a ready to use cold therapy that provides immediate cooling and pain relief. 
  • The bandage cools for hours. No refrigeration necessary. 
  • Recharge your bandage with the Ice & Go Spray or apply directly onto the injured limb.
  • CE approved; made in Israel.


More Information: 

A great combination for athletes, includes: two Uriel Ice & Go Cooling Bandages and Uriel Ice & Go Spray.

The Uriel Elastic cold bandage is very effective for strains, sprains, bruises and other sport injuries. The bandage is easy to use and provides maximum comfort. Stretches to 9.8 feet (3 meters).

The Uriel Ice & Go Spray provides instant compression which assists in the recovery of sprains and strains.
It reduces inflammation & bruising of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Can be applied directly onto the injured limb, or be used to recharge the bandage.