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Surplus Emergency Escape Smoke Hood for Fire, Smoke, CO, Chemicals and gases - Exp. 09/18

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780.00 Grams
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The mask is hermetically sealed. Expiration date: 09/2018. Recommended for training. 

  • A combustible hood that purifies the air passing through it and regulates
  • atmospheric pressure. The product provides breathable protection.
  • Head and eye to facilitate the removal of hazardous fire and
  • toxic atomic gas.
A fireproof hood that protects the head from burns to the head and face during the evacuation. Designed for residential and office buildings.
Recommended in every vehicle, home and business.
The mask is effective for 30 minutes against smoke and toxic gases.
The mask protects against the following materials:
Sarin, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, lucite, mustard gas, phosgene, acrolein. Tear gas, bacteria particles,
And greater threats such as: biological dust, chemical or nuclear pollutants.