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Tactical Triage Kit for Training

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  • Low-cube, vacuum sealed kit to document the initial triage of up to 4 casualties.
  • Laminated triage flow sheet and casualty count card with break-away lanyard and black grease pencil.
  • 4 NAR T2 Tag® Individual Kits with liquid-resistant triage/treatment tag, plastic sheath, chemical light, pencil, and status stickers.
  • The kit is in good quality, but not brand new. 

Users described what they wanted for organizing disaster emergency response efforts. North American Rescue gave them the T2™ Tactical Triage Kit, the ultimate resource for on-scene tactical triage.

A compact incident command system, the kit streamlines medical triage. A triage flowchart and casualty counter are laminated back-to-back and attached to a break-away lanyard for peak efficiency. The flowchart summarizes the SALT triage process in easy-to-follow steps. The background of the casualty-count card is divided into colored sections matching the casualty-status levels defined by SALT (IMMEDIATE—red, DELAYED—yellow, MINIMAL—green, EXPECTANT—gray, and DEAD—black). A black grease pencil lets users quickly check off numbers in each category.

The four NAR T2 Tags® include a liquid-resistant triage/treatment tag, a plastic sheath with latex-free band for attaching the tag to the patient, a chemical light, a pencil, and status stickers for blood work (contaminated, inside/outside burst, and tourniquet applied).

All this critical triage equipment is contained in a lightweight, rugged vacuum-sealed pouch, making it ideal for trauma packs and vehicle kits.

Turn to North American Rescue when a compact solution is essential, and success is measured in seconds.