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TopBioShield The Israeli Mask Biological Personal Protective Device Face Mask

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250.00 Grams
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The TopBioShield masks line should only be applied by trained medical personnel, first responders, rescue teams, police, and military forces!

  • Reusable for single user.
  • Providing >99% filtration of both solid and aerosolized biological agents.
  • The TopBioShield mask line is P2 filtration respiratory protection masks, built for long-term use In environments containing high concentrations of particles. It is specifically designed to protect users against airborne biological agents.
  • The mask's construction incorporates several features meant to provide maximum protection and ease of use. Its filters are fitted flat with electrostatically charged capture media layers, providing >99% filtration of both solid and aerosolized biological agents.
  • The rubber hood covers the entire head  and seals around the upper neck, providing crucial protection against contaminants that can enter through both the airways  and eyes.
  • The mask's inward leakage rating far surpasses that of N95 masks.
  •  Made in Israel. 

On average, only 1% of breathed contaminants bypass the filtration system of The TopBioShield (inward leakage rate) an order of magnitude in comparison with the allowed maximum of 10% with the N95 respirator. The neck-seal design also makes it usable for people with facial hair, and it can be used even while wearing glasses with the TopBioShield Superior model. The respiration device allows comfortable breathing and prevents a build-up of CO2 and humidity within the mask. Maximal widefield, clear visibility is ensured by a transparent visor specially treated against fogging.

The TopBioShield line allows for easy breathing with clear vision facilitating comfortable performance of even precise activities with safer filtered air.

Short User manual

Instructions for Use of the TopBioShild Personal Mask:

The main port of penetration of the coronaviruses and other respiratory infective contaminations to the human body is through the upper airways and exposed mucosa. The TopBioShield personal protective mask can provide a whole face, eyes, nose, and mouth, all-in-one effective protection.

All users must read and understand the TopBioShield Instructions for Use, including indications, contraindications, operating instructions, warnings, and precautions before using the mask. Failure to do so may result in a malfunction, injury or death.

  • The TopBioShield mask provides an all-in-one solution. Its neck- seal design covers the entire head, protecting the eyes and all respiratory paths. It has a wide- angle condensation-resistant visor and flat filters that reduce particle penetration by 99%.
  • The TopBioShield mask is intended to reduce the risk of exposure to infective particles during short-term exposure.
  • The TopBioShield masks line should only be applied by trained medical personnel, first responders, rescue teams, police, and military forces.
  • To be used only by trained personnel in good physical and medical condition and operated in a comfortable environment.
  • Working with the hood in conditions of excessive physical strain, stress, heat, dust or inconvenient atmosphere might cause heatstroke and severe breathing and cardiovascular disturbances. In case of feeling shortness of breath, unease, or discomfort, seek safe shelter and remove the mask.
  • The TopBioShield masks line Should not be used under the age of 16.
  • Suffocation hazard! Do not nap or sleep while wearing the mask!
  • Clearly tag any new mask with your name or identifier to make it strictly personal.
  • The TopBioShield is a non-sterile device. The mask can be reused by a single user only or disposed of after use according to biohazard protocols and in accordance with institutional procedures and local, state, and environmental regulations.
  • For reuse of the mask carefully follow the reuse of mask instructions.
  • Following exposure to biological contaminants, the mask must be disinfected by meticulous spraying of ethyl alcohol and left to dry for 10 minutes before reuse.
  • Users with long hair should contain their hair with a surgical head-cover before applying the mask.
  • The TopBioShield is contraindicated in potential users known to suffer from chronic or acute respiratory diseases and/or claustrophobia.
  • The current models of the TopBioShield mask may not fit certain head sizes. Potential users should test if the mask fits them prior to its clinical application and train its use.