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Uriel Cold / Hot Compression Wrap

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505.00 Grams
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  • •Suitable for all body joints. •
  • Reduces pain and swelling. •
  • Especially useful for strains, pulled muscles and ligaments. •
  • Suitable for surgical procedures. •
  • Made from Velcro, one size fits all.
  • Made in Israel.

From the producer
Uriel Cold / Hot Compression Wrap is designed to provide cold therapy for both acute and chronic joint injuries. Can be used to treat sprains, strains & contusions, reducing pain and swelling to soft tissues. Promotes faster healing of joint and muscle pain, inflammation, sport or activity injuries and back spasms. The compression can be used on the wrist, shoulder, elbow, back, ankle and hip. Furthermore, the wrap is used for post-surgical procedures.

Instructions for use
Uriel Cold / Hot Compression Wraps should be used for 20 minutes every two hours the first day the injury occurs, the following days 2 to 4 times a day until pain and swelling diminishes.

Cold treatment
Place the product in a freezer for 3 hours before using it as a compress to cool the aching limb. The injured area becomes numb in within 5 minutes. Provides instant pain relief, cooling for up to 15 minutes (depends on room temperature) before needing to be re-chilled.

Hot treatment
Wrap in a cloth and Heat the wrap in the microwave oven for 30 seconds with medium heat before using it as a compress to heat the aching limb. The heat quickly penetrates muscles and joints. Provides heat for up to 30 minutes before needing to be reheated. •