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100 Wipes for Cleaning Glasses and Lenses FASOLA

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114.00 Grams
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100 Wipes for Cleaning Glasses and Lenses FASOLA

  • The wipes for cleaning glasses and lenses.
  • Designed to protect your vision and ensure that your glasses always look like new.
  • They are excellent for everyday use and for a wide range of visual aids.
  • 100 individually packed wipes, come in a box.

100 disposable wipes for cleaning glasses and lenses individually packed. A wipe cleans the lens from dirt, water, grease or fingerprints.
Suitable for cleaning and polishing glasses, camera lenses, eyeglass lenses. The material dries quickly and allows immediate use of glasses.

User manual:

  1. Wet the lens on both sides with the wipe.
  2. Use gentle circular motions to clean the lens.
  3. Dry the lens with the clean side of the tissue.