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3 pcs Postpartum Cooling Pad | Medi-Plus

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30.00 Grams
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MEDI PLUS cooling pad for use after birth, for use in cases of hemorrhoids, stitches and to calm swelling.

Package contents: 3 cooling pads (no need to freeze).


User manual:

Take the pad out of the outer box and hold it with both hands.

A squeezing movement must be performed, through which the cooling mechanism located in the inner part of the pad is activated.

Shake the pad well.

The pad must be glued to the inside of the underwear to fix it.

The cooling action will be felt when the pad comes in contact with liquid.


pay attention!

The use of an external pad only

The Fed is not for freezing

The pad is disposable and not intended for reuse

If there is a hole and/or leakage from the contents of the inner bag, avoid contact of the material inside the bag with the eyes/skin. In case there is contact between the inner material and the skin/eyes, consult a doctor

Caution, the contents of the pad/inner bag must not be swallowed.