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36 Double Packs of Sock-Locks Multi-Color Set

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Box (36 Packs) of Double Sock-Locks

Each box contains 36 packages: 6 packages each of color shown below. Each pack contains 10 locks.

Use Sock-Locks when you take off your socks and before putting them in the hamper. When the wash is done, simply remove the sock-lock and put your socks away or store your socks with the sock-lock on.


Also called Sock Holders, Sock Sorters, Sock Clips, Sock Rings, Sock Organizers. Doubles also sold under the names Loc-a-Sok and Sok-a-Lok.

We carry Doubles Packs and Mixed Packs of Singles and Doubles.

  • Perfect for keeping similar color (but not exactly matching) socks separate.
  • Fewer lost and mismatched socks saves you money!
  • Great for campers and college students.

Key Features

Availble in diffrent colours!

Each member of your household could use a different color to make sorting laundry a breeze.img-6256.jpg

Keep simillar socks together

Use the sock locks to prevent a loss of simillar socks.


No more hours of matching locks!

Hours of sorting socks after the wash is no longer needed as the sock locks wiill keep al of your sock pairs together.img-5985b.jpg

Compact and lightweight

The sock locks are small and lightweight, thus can be stored easily and are not adding any extra weight to your socks.img-6153.jpg