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3M Tegaderm Film

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2.85 Grams
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  • Transparent film dressing frame style; CE approved. 
  • Breathable, sterile, and waterproof.
  • Provides a barrier to external contaminants.
  • Acts as a barrier to protect the I.V. site or wound from external contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, blood, and body fluids.
  • Conforms to body contours, stretches easily, and reduces stress on the skin when the patient moves. 

3M Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressings consist of a thin film backing with a hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive that gently, yet securely, adheres to skin. Tegaderm dressings are breathable, sterile, transparent and waterproof, and provide a barrier to external contaminants.Meet a wide variety of needs. Latex-free. Tegaderm dressings protect skin and bony prominences from abrasion, and allows the patient to move easily. The transparency of Tegaderm dressings provide complete visibility of the site during application. It also allows continuous monitoring of the I.V. site or wound without disturbing or removing the dressing. Application of Tegaderm™ Transparent Film Dressings is easy and quick, making it easy to remember and teach. It is especially convenient for patient self-care. The unique “picture-frame” delivery system allows precise and secure placement of the dressing every time. If the adhesive surface accidentally touches itself, the dressing can be separated and applied, eliminating wasted dressings. Two sizes available:  6cm x 7cm (2 3/8 inch x 2 ¾ inch) – pack of 100, 10cm X 12cm (4 inch x 4 ¾ inch) – pack of 50. High quality standard product; CE approved.