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92 Natural Bamboo Cloths for Multi-Use Cylinder

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300.00 Grams
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Natural bamboo cloths for use in natural bamboo fiber are anti-bacterial, which repels the development of bacteria.

Excellent absorbency and durability suitable for multiple use. Suitable for dry and wet cleaning.

Does not scratch and leaves no fiber residue.

Made from natural and biodegradable bamboo fibers without bleaching and without synthetic colors.

Each roll contains 92 towels each towel size 20X26 cm.


Green Flash - An amazing natural phenomenon that occurs during sunset in the ocean, as soon as the sun touches the horizon a green flash appears.

In recent years, due to increasing pollution, this phenomenon has become rare.

We hope that with the help of eco-products such as Green Flash we can prevent the phenomenon of extinction.

Organiczone's GF product line offers a range of useful, high-quality, toxic and environmentally friendly products.