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Super Reflective Adhesive Solar Mirror Sheet for DIY Solar Ovens and Projects

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25.00 Grams
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Adhesive non-glass highly reflective solar mirror sheet. Easy to cut to any size with scissors or a cutter.
For your next DIY solar cooking oven project – use it to make your own economic solar reflector oven or any other solar DIY project.
Strong, compact, and lightweight, flexible but does not wrinkle and does not break. Put it in your pocket for camping trips, weekend hiking, let your children play with it. Make beautiful creative home décor mirror projects. The mirror is also covered with a protective layer which keeps it clean and smooth until removed.
Unbreakable and safe – this non glass mirror sheet would not break and shatter so you can let children or disabled people use it without worrying that it breaks.

The sizes available are: A4 sheet, A5 sheet, 3.15”x3.15” (10x10 cm) and an additional strip size of 3.15”x0.8” (8x2 cm).