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Baby Snot Aspirator

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28.00 Grams
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Baby Snot Aspirator

  • Baby Snot Aspirator is gentle and effective.
  • Easy to use, soft tip, gentle on skin.
  • Suction bulb creates vacuum to remove mucus.
  • Perfect for babies with cold, allergies, flu.

The Baby Snot Aspirator is a gentle and effective way to clear your baby's blocked nose. It is easy to use and has a soft, flexible tip that is gentle on delicate skin. The aspirator also comes with a suction bulb that creates a gentle vacuum to remove mucus from the nose.
The Baby Snot Aspirator is perfect for babies who are congested due to a cold, allergies, or the flu. It can also help to relieve breathing problems and make it easier for your baby to eat and sleep.