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Basic First Aid Kit For Outdoor

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  • First aid kit, suitable for basic  use at everyday or emergency situations outdoors.
  • Perfect as a first aid kit for home, car, class, office etc.

Each kit contains:

    1. Waterproof Case (color may vary) - Dimensions: 20X30 cm (~8X12 inch). SKU: 2009093
    2. Burnshield Burn Gel - 3.5ml - 3 packets. SKU: BS-3.5ml (x3)
    3. 6'' Long Stick Light Emergency (Green). SKU: KL-6GS-G
    4. 3M Transpore Surgical Tape - 1" x 10 yds. SKU: 1527-1
    5. Steri-Strip 1/2" Skin Closures (6 Strips). SKU: R1547 (x6)
    6. Triangular Fabric Dressing. SKU: FS-140
    7. Firstar Alcohol Prep Pad - Pack of 10 Units. SKU: FS-380(x10) 
    8. CPR Mask with Key Chain Pouch and Gloves (Red). SKU: 1007016
    9. 20 Bandaids with Blood Clotting Agent. SKU: TOL-BA-BCA20
    10. Celox Home 2g Packet – 3 Packets. SKU: Celox-2g (x3)
    11. 7.5" Trauma Shears (Paramedic Scissors). SKU: FS-262.
    12. 4.5" Sharp Edged Plastic Tweezers. SKU: PlasticTW-4.5
    13. 4" WoundStop Care - First Aid Wound Dressing White. SKU: FCP-WS05
    14. Israeli First Aid Bag Star of David (Empty) SKU: JC-A6931E
    15. 2 pairs of black nitrile gloves SKU: GL-085-124

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