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Beach Blanket - Sand and Water Resistant with A Hidden Pocket

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375.00 Grams
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Sand and water resistant blanket for the beach and picnic. The blanket is made of parachute polyester which is strong, durable, light and breathable.
No need to worry about sand sticking to the blanket as its made from a non-stick material, sand that blows onto it is easy to brush off.
Dries off quickly so you wont have to pack it in your bag while its still wet.
4 pegs and 4 sand bags are included, these make the blanket resistant to strong winds, there is a fifth bag with a zip lock where you can store your cellphone/wallet/keys safely.
The huge size of the blanket (175 cm X 225 cm / 69" x 88.5") makes it suitable for 4+ adults, despite its size it weighs only 375 g / 13 oz and is foldable into a small compact bag.


  • Made of polyester fabric + T210 nylon that prevents the spread of tears
  • Carrying bag
  • 4 sandbags
  • Hidden compartment for the phone.
  • 4 pegs
  •  SIZE: 175 cm x 225 cm / 69" x 88.5"
  • 375 g / 13 oz