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BioStretch Latex-free Esmarch (Esmark) Bandage

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230.00 Grams
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  • Soft and comfortable for use.
  • Ideal for orthopedic bloodless surgery.
  • Can be sterilized using either Gamma or ETO.
  • Latex-free, smooth surface.
  • Size: Length 3.65 m (12ft), Thickness: 0.50 mm, Width 155 mm (6″).
  • FDA approved.
  • Esmarch Bandage is a synthetic rubber (latex-free) strip used to reduce blood loss by applying it around any limb.

  • Esmarch (Esmarks) Bandage has a smooth surface and can be treated with Talc or Silicone based on requirement.

    BioStretch latex-free Esmarch (Esmarks) Bandages are soft and very comfortable to use, hence preferred by medical professionals for their patients. A popular feature of these bandages is that they can be sterilized using either Gamma or ETO.


    Esmarch Bandage is a narrow natural rubber (latex) or synthetic rubber (latex-free) strip that is used to control bleeding by applying it around a limb in such a way that blood is expelled from it.

    Esmarch Bandage is ideal for orthopedic blood-less surgery.


    Features of Biostretch Latex-free Esmarch (Esmarks) Bandages

    product features

    Conforms to Biocompatibility Standards

    Excellent Launderability

    Excellent Stretch Recovery

    Plain or Textured Surface

    Plain or Textured Surface

    Talc or Silicone Treated Surface

    Talc or Silicone Treated Surface

    Range of Thicknesses Available

    Range of Thicknesses Available


    product feature

    Can be Sterilized – Gamma, ETO or Steam

    FDA, USA

    Listed with FDA, (USA)