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Blizzard Heat Casualty Blanket (Without Heating Pads)

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  • Three-Layer rescue blanket for the protection from cold, wind and rain for casualties.

  • A highly effective tool for the prevention and treatment of hypothermia.

  • Cocoon style with complete head and foot coverage with front and side hook and loop access.

  • Made of three-layer Reflexcell material.

  • Extensively used by International Search and Rescue, the British and US military for treatment of trauma victims.

  • Recommended in the PHTLS handbook for treatment of trauma victims.


The Blizzard Survival Heat Blanket is a high-performance insulating blanket with front and side access, an integral hood and 4 sets of oxygen activated heat pads for the protection from cold, wind and rain for casualties, for 24 hours.

The Blanket is used by Mountain Rescue Teams across the world. It is also carried by the RAF-Seeking helicopters and the Bristow Search and Rescue Helicopters.

It’s made of three layers of Blizzard Survival's unique Reflexcell™ material, which blocks heat loss more effectively than any other emergency product.



Size (vacuum packed): 29 x 25 x 4cm.




Warmth: 7.5 Togs.

Weather protection: fully waterproof and windproof.


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