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"C-A-T Gen 7 Saved My Life!"

Posted by Lord Lovat on 17th Sep 2018

Our customer shared us an emotional story how's the C-A-T Gen 7 saved his friend's life:

"Shalom and good afternoon,

As I told you months ago; A very good friend of mine recommended your page and professionalism. He purchased you several ítems and He was happy with your professionalism.

I´m happy and proud because yesterday this very good friend of me saved the life of a man. A fucking drunk driver crashed a family in a beach road on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

The woman, girl, and boy could avoid the impact. But the father was caught by the direct impact. The man suffered the worst part and the car crushed is right leg My friend (Highway patrol Officer) arrived very quick because 5 minutes ag he was there with the official car.

Two doctors in vacations attended the man in a good way and trying to improvise a tourniquet with bandages but blood loss was high and constant.

My friend put the CAT gen 7 tourniquet (buying in your company) and stopped the bleed. He always carried one in the duty belt and several in the bag. ALS ambulance arrived but the patient was critical and was evacuated by a MEDEVAC Helicopter to a Trauma Center in Valencia (Spain).

ALS Ambulance, MEDEVAC Helo crew and Trauma center team have written an official letter to the bosses of my friend about my friend professionalism and attitude.

He saved his life. CAT Gen 7 rules !!!

The second time he saved a life !!!! First one in Summer 2013. 14 years old with arm crushed by a car crashed. He was condecorated in 2013 and now It´s same to continue in a very similar path.

The second one yesterday a man with the leg destroyed by a drunk driver. The poor man has been amputated in the Hospital and now it´s in critical condition but doctors are working well and I will keep you updated.

My friend made 2 TCCC courses, 1 TECC LEFR and 1 trauma management course and he recommended your Company !!! My friend has a cámara in the chest recording the situation and It´s incredible his decisión and attitude towards the wounded. I will share with you the videos in further days when the situation has passed to a calmer and with my friend authorization. You know this thing...

Best regards and I think you must feel very proud !!!"