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Israeli First Aid Tactical Response Kit

Israeli First Aid Tactical Response Kit

Posted by the Happy Medical on 25th Mar 2019

The folks over at Israeli First Aid sent me a care package recently and I am VERY excited to show it to you and let you know how to get your own gear through my affiliate links.

First of all, these guys and gals are the real deal. Working out of Israel with their main warehouse in Tel Aviv, Israeli First Aid isn't just a label they slap on at the border. The survival and wound care gear they carry is high quality and designed for the battlefield. Add to that their competitive prices and you've got a great combination.

Here's the unboxing of the kit they sent to me recently:

As you can see this kit has everything I'd want to have accessible if I had a wound that was bleeding uncontrollably.

First, the rip shears. Gaining access to the injury and examining the extent of it is paramount. The little blade on the end of the shears works wonders. I should know, I've been carry one for a decade and can't imagine EMS without one. I did a review back in 2011.

Next is the Celox gel forming wound care packet. This stuff will make a clot on just about any wound and can be the deciding factor if you bleed out or not. While it will make blood clot, this is not for the graze, scrape or minor laceration. This is designed for bullet holes that are bleeding, deep lacerations that are bleeding, abdominal tears that are bleed-I think you get the idea. If direct pressure is working, you may not need this stuff. If you're down and the shots are still coming, get to cover and get this stuff out. Just be ready with the bandage first...

Check out this video from Celox on just how easy it is to apply:

On top of the Celox we're adding the 6" wide pressure bandage with bar. Remember from the video we need to hold pressure for 3-5 minutes. This will keep steady pressure on the wound and allow the Celox to do its work. Simply wrapping some cotton could work too, but you'll need to keep constant pressure on it. That isn't practical if you still need to return fire to escape or effect self rescue from another situation. In perfect conditions remember to tie the Celox packaging into the bandage so the hospital knows it's in there.

Finally, the 7th Gen Combat Application Tourniquet provides the pressure between the injury and the heart to slow or stop the bleeding should our earlier efforts prove ineffective. While quick and easy to deploy one handed it can cause damage to other tissue not associated with the initial injury. When the windlass is tightened the blood flow will be cut off to the entire extremity.

In my perfect world, each Police Officer would carry this Celox and Pressure Bandage for themselves and themselves alone. Carry an extra TQ or 2 in your car, sure, but this gear is only for you or your partner. Remember, if you deploy your self care kit for a citizen, then get hit yourself, the citizen has no gear to share.

You can head over to the big box EMS stores and order something similar to what's mentioned here, or get it from a tacticool website promising you a true Navy SEALS beard with purchase, sure, but Israeli First Aid is going to get you a superior product for a fair price. I looked today and the CAT alone is $10 less than the big box folks. You're saving money from the start.

If you're an Officer in need of gear, look no further. If you're a Medic and want this kind of gear on your rig, they do larger orders as well. Go have a look at their survival and camping gear as well, some fun stuff in there!