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The New Generation T3 Israeli Bandage

The New Generation T3 Israeli Bandage

Posted by By Sébastien Billard on Monday, May 21st, 2018 16:58 on 23rd May 2018

The New Generation T3 Israeli BandageThe so-called "Israeli" compression bandage is well known to survivalists and emergency services. This bandage manufactured in Israel by the company FirstCare became popular in the Atlantic during the first Gulf War, following its adoption by the US Army. Since then it has been adopted by many armed forces, law enforcement, and intervention agencies around the world. There are several versions. The version I propose to discover today the T3 version, in its 4-inch version (shown here next to the civilian version).

The T3 version (an acronym for Tactical Trauma Treatment) is the latest evolution of the Israeli bandage. It differs from the classic version, by the presence of an extra roll of gauze. This roller can be used in several ways: as a compress to exert additional pressure on the wound, as a stuffing gauze inside a wound, to dress up a secondary wound, or as a scarf to immobilize an arm.

Another specificity of the T3 dressing is its foldable compress that can multiply its surface by two (about 19 * 18 cm). Perfect for a wide sore or abdominal injury. The unfoldable portion is also detachable as needed to treat a secondary injury, or the second port in the event of a projectile injury.

Last specificity: the T3 dressing band has a loop near the compress, which houses the roll of gauze during storage and allows an application to itself even easier in the case of arm wounds. Simply slip the arm in the loop to trap the dressing and proceed to its application.

The application of Israeli dressings is very simple: we place the compress on the wound, we make a turn, then we pass the band in the plastic applicator by starting in the other direction, which has the effect of putting pressure on the wound and thus to facilitate hemostasis. Then continue dressing the area to be treated taking care to cover the edges, and fix the bandage with the plastic clip placed at the end of the band. The attention it is a compressive bandage and not a tourniquet: it is not necessary to tighten the band to the point that the circulation is altered. Note that Israeli dressings are extremely versatile and can be used just as well on the limbs as the trunk or head, as shown in this video. Some examples of applications on my person:

In my opinion, the T3 dressing is an excellent basis for constituting an emergency kit. With a weight of 96 grams and a size of 10.5 cm x 7 cm x 4 cm, it will slip easily into any bag or glove box. If the need for compactness is really important, FirstCare offers a civil version weighing 66 grams for a size of 10.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 3 cm. But it does not include additional gauze band.

To buy your Israeli bandages, only one address to recommend to you: Israeli First Aid . You will find not only the full range of FirstCare dressings including the T3 , but also a wide choice of first aid and survival equipment from Israel, at very competitive prices. The sending is fast, and the communication excellent. I take this opportunity to thank Israeli First Aid for providing the dressing used to write this article.

This article was written by Sébastien Billard, visit his blog for more great content.