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Blue De (Klor De B XL) 100 Chlorine Tablets for Disinfection and Cleaning

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1,100.00 Grams
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  • The most convenient way of preparing known concentration, high efficiency disinfecting solutions.
  • Unlike any other chlorine based antiseptic, Blue De is presented as a soluble tablet which produces a sky blue coloured solution – to demonstrate complete rinsing of the machinery.
  • No fear of damage or toxicity.
  • Does not cause irritation to workers’ hands, even with constant use.
  • Made in Israel. 

A dual action disinfection and cleaning agent.

An extremely versatile disinfection and cleaning agent, enabling a concentrated attack to be made on all aspects of possible contamination.

Blue De tablets may be used safely on any surface which comes into contact with food or with food processing machinery. Blue De is equally effective on containers which are used for transporting food.