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"Bob" Knee Pads - Knee Protector for Work and Field

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"Bob" Knee Pads - Knee  Protector for Work and Field

  • Personal safety product to ensure maximum comfort.
  • "Bob" model knees - tough on the outside and soft on the inside

The design of "Bob" knees is designed to cover the maximum surface of the knee and it sinks into a thick and spongy support cushion that protects it.
The outer texture of the "Bob" knees is mainly protected by a grip fabric - a very tough and rough "Grip" that prevents slipping and unwanted movement of the knee.
The knees have two straps, one of which is particularly elastic, anchoring the knees to their exact position.
The knees/knee guards are suitable for industry, field work, infrastructure, laying parquet and flooring, assembling furniture
"Bob" knees are a safety and personal protective product for workers in all branches of construction, renovations, maintenance and gardening and are also used as a sports protective accessory.