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Buddy Pro Emergency Evacuation Folding Stretcher

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"Buddy" Folding Evacuation Stretcher
Weighs less than 2 lbs, needs only two people to carry the evacuee!
From the Israeli producer, EASY-RESCUE:

What is “BUDDY” for?

BUDDY is a new patented solution that addresses many of the different evacuation and rescue scenarios for which there are no solutions today. Although selected as the best way to evacuate from buildings by experts, its unique design can improve and make more efficient any evacuation and rescue effort. An example might be if evacuation is required from a narrow place, narrow stairways, passageways or corridors or even on school trips, if a student gets hurt and needs to be carried back to the bus…

Actually, Buddy can replace standard solutions in most cases and provide a solution when other tools are useless.

In a military situation, the ability to reduce manpower can be critical in many ways. For example, carrying a stretcher in a combat zone can require up to four soldiers while BUDDY needs only two. Soldiers can now respond to threats and use their hands and weapons to improve the chances of survival.  In some cases, soldiers of a small team has to function only a few hundred meters away from the main force and today have no way to evacuate soldiers without a response team. What do they do if one of the team is hurt and needs to be evacuated back to the main force? BUDDY should be standard issue for the vest or backpack, it will hardly be noticed unless you need it.

What is “BUDDY”?

BUDDY is an innovative evacuation tool, designed to be imperceptible until the need arises. With about a kilogram in weight and a size smaller than a loaf of bread, it goes anywhere.

When needed, BUDDY’s advantages become clear from the start.

Two people can easily carry a wounded or a disabled person, handsfree, through narrow passages and stairways and move in places where wheelchairs and other wheeled solutions are impractical.

Statistics show that more than 70% of people needing evacuation do not need to be prone during evacuation.  Therefore with reduced manpower, and much improved maneuverability, while maintaining concern for the evacuators, BUDDY is the best tool for any evacuation situation.  

In the case of disasters, with massive amounts of people needing evacuation, Buddy will enable any evacuation squad to geometrically increase the numbers of evacuations that could be performed previously.

When earthquakes occur, complete areas are devastated, crippling the infrastructure and making buildings unsafe. Inside the buildings, there are fragments of walls everywhere, no electricity and in many cases fires. With conventional tools, there is no way any response team will be able to evacuate people fast enough.

Accepted statistics show that a minimum of 10% of the population of an earthquake affected area will need help in evacuation.  The number of people needing help is enormous.

In order to ensure that the largest number of people are evacuated in the shortest period of time, you MUST use BUDDY!!

Removing people from buildings and taking them short distances out of the immediate danger area in minutes, that is the goal. In many cases, tall buildings, with no electricity, require evacuation down stairs for tens of floors, for thatthere is no other tool other than using BUDDY.

Who will enjoy BUDDY’s advantages?

  • Firefighters
  • Paramedics
  • Emergency response teams
  • Soldiers
  • Schools and youth organizations
  • Families of the disabled
  • Safety officers
  • And more…

Some technical stuff

Size when packed: 21 X 17 X 11 cm
Weight: Only about 2 pounds or 1 kilogram !
Standards: CE, ISO-9001, Israeli Institute of Standards
Weight limits: Tested for up to 200 kg. Recommended - not more than 120 kg.
Materials: Made of durable fabric and sturdy plastic.
Variations: There is also the Buddy Pro and Buddy Tactical for military use (black without light reflectors).
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    Well made. Wish it was wider

    Posted by Christopher on 4th Jun 2020

    Awesome idea. Well made item. Limited on the size of the patient. Just needs to be about 4 inches wider is all.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 4th May 2019

    Quick shipping, great product