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Burngella Burn Relief Gel Squeeze Bottle 150ml

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Burngella Burn Relief Gel Squeeze Bottle 150ml

A cutting-edge, most effective and advanced compound in the world, stored in a pressure bottle with gel for the treatment of severe burns / moderate burns / minor burns.
This is an advanced gel for soothing the skin in the event of a burn, with the aim of providing an immediate response and even treating damage - small or large - to tissues and immediate pain relief.
Content: 150 ml. Licensed by the Ministry of Health.

What is a burn?
Burns are one of the most common household injuries, especially among children. A burn is characterized by a severe injury that causes skin cells to die. Most people can recover from burns without serious health consequences, depending on the cause and degree of injury. More serious burns require immediate emergency medical treatment to prevent complications and even death.

Degrees of burns: there are four degrees of burns, based on the severity of the damage to the skin:

  1. First degree burn: usually mild - manifests itself in red skin without a blister.
  2. Second degree burn: deeper injury - manifests itself in blisters and some thickening of the skin.
  3. Third degree burn: a more severe injury, which usually also damages one of the three layers of the skin: the epidermis layer, the dermis layer or the subcutaneous fat layer. It manifests itself in thickening of the skin, a white appearance and sometimes numbness or itching.
  4. Fourth degree burn: a very severe injury, which includes all the symptoms of a third degree burn, and also includes tendons, muscles and bones.

It is important to understand what degree it is, in order to provide a quick and correct response to burns, can prevent scars and complications, and also minimize additional damage and infections. Brangela - a gel for the treatment of burns, can provide you with first aid for soothing and cooling the skin, therefore, it is important to have it at home, in your bag and at work. It is also recommended that the children know about its location and how to use it.