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Electric Aromatic Oil Diffuser

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Electric Aromatic Oil Diffuser with colorful LED lighting.

The diffuser operates silently while releasing a pleasant aroma.
The diffuser creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in the room and has seven changing LED colors.
The device must be filled with water and a few drops of fragrant oil dripped in order for the odor to disperse into the air.
Do not fill the diffuser water tank beyond the maximum water line marked on the tank.
When connecting to an electrical outlet - connect the USB cable to the adapter with a power of only 5V! Otherwise, the diffuser will not work properly.
Powered by a USB cable (included).

Kit contains: scent diffuser, USB cable, English guide, cleaning brush.

Instructions for use:
Fill 120 ml of water up to the marked line only!
If the amount of water exceeds the check line, the diffuser will not operate properly.
Drizzle 3 drops of fragrant or essential oil and close the lid.

Technical details:
Product size: 120 mm x 116 mm/4.7 in x 4.5 in.
Weight: 230 grams/0.5 lb.
Voltage: DC 5V.
USB cable length: 1.5 m/5 ft.
Water capacity: 150 ml/5 oz.
Packed kit weight: 320 grams/0.7 lb.

Choice of scents - choose separately:
Mango & Papaya
Cold Water
Pomelo - Red Grapefruit