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Emergency CPR Ventilation Mask Orange

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Emergency CPR Ventilation Mask Orange

Professional and compact CPR Ventilation Mask - orange packaging.
A simple and effective tool for resuscitation.
Useful in a variety of situations, such as a heart attack, suffocation or an accident.
It is important to use the mask properly to ensure it is effective.

User manual:
1) Place the person on their back on a flat surface.
2) Open the person's nose and mouth.
3) Place the mask on the person's face, so that the opening of the mask is over the nose and mouth.
4) Use one hand to hold the mask in place, and use the other hand to provide chest compressions.
5) Provide two mouth-mouth-mask breaths, each one second long.
6) Continue to provide chest compressions and respirations until the person begins to breathe independently or until professional help arrives.