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EMT Trauma Shears 19cm - Fluorite Black Blades

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EMT Trauma Shears 19cm - Fluorite Black Blades.

  • 19 CM Black flouride blades with fully autoclavable handle.
  • Material: Stainless steel blades with polyprolyene handle.
  • The Tactical Trauma EMT Shears are manufactured and Designed to cut through just about anything.
  • Black is the perfect colour for trauma shears in a tactical environment, providing a non-reflective to reduce visual profile.
  • The improved Tactical Trauma Shears have feature premium-grade 420HC Japanese Stainless steel with non-slip polypropylene contoured handles.

The EMT Trauma Shears 19cm with Fluorite Black Blades are essential tools for emergency medical professionals. These shears feature 19cm black fluoride blades that are fully autoclavable for easy sterilization. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel, while the handle is constructed from polypropylene, ensuring durability and a comfortable grip. Designed to cut through various materials, these shears are ideal for emergency situations. The black color of the blades provides a non-reflective surface, reducing the visual profile in tactical environments. With premium-grade 420HC Japanese stainless steel and non-slip polypropylene contoured handles, these trauma shears offer improved performance and reliability. Choose these tactical trauma shears for efficient and precise cutting in critical situations.