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French Lavender Essential Oil

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50.00 Grams
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High-quality French lavender essential oil manufactured by "Omer Hagalil".
Essential oil is a concentrated and pure extract of various herbs. Lavender oil is a must-have product in every house!

Lavender oil is known as one of the most common and important oils in every home due to its many healing qualities. It is suitable for skin problems and irritations, soothes burns, closes wounds, antibacterial, strengthens the heart system, reduces blood pressure, relieves stress and confusion, allows sleep and relaxation and more.

Examples of home use:
- Apply directly to the skin (without thinning) in cases of cuts or injuries.
- Dilute 5% essential oil with some base oil (almond / macadamia / grape seed / olive / sunflower oil) and massage the area that needs strengthening or soothing.
- Add a few drops to warm water in the burner - for relaxation and good sleep.
- A drop or two on the sheet or pajamas of babies and children - for soothing, encouraging a good sleep.

Can also be applied directly on the skin of babies.


Omar Hagalil is an Israeli company, which is committed to high quality products. The development and production processes of the products undergo strict quality control, in accordance with the relevant standards.
Omar Hagalil's products are based on a worldview that says "Nature is the largest pharmacy in the world and aromatherapy is the wonderful way of treatment that has existed since the dawn of human history."


What is aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is a holistic medicine theory that can be used to improve almost any health condition. Aromatherapy is effective for relieving mental stress, treating muscle problems, indigestion, skin diseases and irritations, infections, strengthening the immune system and more. The essential oils are an extract of the qualities of the plants, and they transmit to the body the healing properties of the plants through the sense of smell, through the lungs, osmosis in a water bath, application to the skin, and penetration into the bloodstream.


100% pure essential oil
Capacity: 10 ml