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Fungi Nail Patch

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Fungi Nail Patch is a medical device in the form of an adhesive bandage (hydrogel patch) for application to the nails, to treat fungal nail infection, to improve the appearance of the nails and smooth the external layer of the nail.

Fungi Nail Patch contains active ingredients that penetrate the keratin layer of the nail affected by fungal infection. The product’s active ingredients carry out a gentle peeling of the layers of the nail that is affected by fungus by means of a keratolytic action, which gently removes the affected nail layer and smooths the external layer of the nail. Additionally, the product’s ingredients provide the layer below the nail with moisture, which softens the nail, thereby making it easier to cut and treat the nail. The product’s activity allows a new, healthy nail to grow.

- Suitable for nails of different sizes
- Ideal for night use
- For use from the age of 12 and up

* The consumer leaflet should be read before use

Content: 30 pcs in the pack