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Gear Tether – Combo MOLLE Mount 9 oz

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80.00 Grams
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Grab your gear, use it, let it go... and it'll snap back every time! keeps your gear handy and prevents loss or damage.

The Combo MOLLE Mount, 2 MOLLE attachments in 1 unit. A 360 degree Rotating MOLLE mount which is  not only compact but also minimizes gear movement while the rotation minimizes resistance and maximizes line life.

The Velcro Strap option allows the Gear Keeper to swing out during use for minimal resistance and max line life. IF The mounting option is not being used, it can be removed.


360 Rotating MOLLE Mount

Compact mount minimizes gear movement

Rotation minimizes resistance & maximizes line life

Velcro Strap MOLLE Mount

Ideal for attaching Gear Keeper to the MOLLE System anywhere! Allows Gear Keeper to pivot up and out during use for minimal

resistance & maximum line life 

▸ Velcro Strap Installation

A. Slide Moveable Loop up against Fixed Loop; then feed Velcro Strap through Retainer and back up through Moveable Loop.

B. Pull up on Velcro Strap so that loops cinch down on Retainer.

C. Feed Velcro Strap around belt or MOLLE webbing; then back through Fixed Loop.

D. Affix Velcro Strap back on itself.