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Giant UV Flashlight - 100 Led Bulbs

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225.00 Grams
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Big UV Flashlight - 100 Led Bulbs


  • 3.3-3.6V
  • Big and strong UV flashlight.
  • Perfect for finding scorpions while camping.
  • Great for detectives, checking for footprints, identifying fake bills and for criminal identification.
  • Can be used to diagnose gemstones and minerals.
  • Suitable for spotting stains on furniture in homes with pets.
  • Excellent for using in Escape rooms!
  • Over 100,000 hours

Shine the UV light along walls, grout, floors, cupboards, wooden fixtures, and fabrics, and look for signs of a bright yellow or chartreuse (green-yellow) glow.
If the area appears somewhat damp and you may also notice a musty odor, it is likely there is mold contamination.