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Green Basic First Aid Box 21 X 13.5 cm

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326.00 Grams
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Green Basic First Aid Box 21 X 13.5 cm

Field first aid kit for soldiers, policemen and fighters.
All the above products go into a pouch with a first aid patch (included).
A kit suitable for any trip to the area accompanied by the risk of injury.

Assessment includes:

  • 1 semi-elastic gauze band 10 cm - pack of five
  • 1 emergency blanket saving money for emergency situations preventing hypothermia 160x210 cm
  • 1 first aid bag medium pouch 20x15 cm with patch - black
  • 1 pair of orange silicone earplugs with a blue string
  • 1 trauma number 19 cm 7.5 for medics and first aid equipment
  • 1 First Care gray T3 advanced personal bandage - size 4 inches
  • 1 Iodiflor Polidine Iodine Paste 15 g Floris FLORIS
  • 10 alcohol pad size M dimensions 6.5x3 cm FIRSTAR
  • 1 IDF green personal bandage
  • 1 roll of medical adhesive paper plaster 2.5 cm 10 m 1530-1 3M MICROPORE
  • 1 transparent plaster 40 units
  • 1 silicone strip 3.6 meters long ESMARCH for dressing and stopping bleeding
  • 1 triple bandage

*Replacement identical products will be provided if necessary.