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Handmade Wind Chimes Tzufit – Hummingbird ‎Jerusalem Chimes

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430.00 Grams
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The chimes are manufactured in the northern Israeli city Rosh Pina by "Jerusalem chimes". "Jerusalem Chimes" were originally founded in 1988 in Jerusalem By Ofer Rubin.


  • Made with care: the wind bells are handmade with high attention to details, high musical precision and high quality. The superior quality makes the wind chimes durable in different weather conditions.
  • The wind chimes are the perfect gift for a holiday, birthday, housewarming, childbirth etc. The chimes will enrich the environment with calm and relaxing melodies which will create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Also, wind chimes are a great way to memorialize a person or event.
  • The wind chimes are made from high quality materials. The product is made from the best materials for a durable, accurate and high-quality chimes. The materials used are: tropical wood painted with a durable lacquer, wax-coated nylon wires and anodized aluminum bars.
  • The wind chimes weigh 430 g / 15.1 oz and their length is 28”/70cm.
  • The bells are tuned according to a pentatonic, minor, ancient Japanese scale (ZEN) and its leading sound is Sol Diaz (#G). The leading sound #G is the frequency of the moon in its motion around the earth for 29 days. Upon hearing it creates a cyclical, sexual, emotional female energy atmosphere and affects the water in our body. The chime notes are: #G# – A# – B – D# – E – G#.
  • Easy to install: The chimes have a ring on the top which will make the chimes super easy to install, all that needed to hang the wind chimes is a hook on the porch or a tree branch, and the chimes will be ready to make the perfect atmosphere in your garden/house/porch.