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Israeli First Aid's Tactical Kit Pro

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1,306.00 Grams
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The Tactical Kit Pro includes the following items:

Aluminum Rescue Blanket

Nitrile Gloves - Pack of 2 - XL GL-085-124 (x2)
Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) CAT-G7-Black
4" Israeli Bandage with Pressure Bar" FCP01
6" Israeli Bandage with Pressure Bar FCP02
8"/12" Israeli Bandage with Pressure Bar (for Abdominal Wounds  FCP09
H&H PriMed Compressed Gauze CE (One Unit) HH-CE-HHPG
Multifunctional Medical Bandana IFA ISRABANDW
3M Transpore Medical Tape 1527-1
7.5" Trauma Shears (Paramedic Scissors) FS-262
Sharpie Permanent Marker, Fine Point, Black PERB-1
Tactical Combat Casualty Care Card - English TCCC
H&H Combat Medic Reinforcement Tape HH-CMRT
6'' Glow Stick (Light Stick) RED KL-6GS-R
Condor Deployment Bag Olive Drab CO-127-001

Israeli First Aid Velcro Patch