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Israeli Pocket wrap for First Aid Gear, Snacks, Vegetables and More

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  • Light weighted pocket for first aid gear, medicines and more. 
  • Perfect at every exit from home, because sometime someone will be hungry ...
  • Great for hiking or sitting in the living room for a garden with kids, for a movie, a game or a show.
  • Made of natural laminated coating, free of toxins that exist in similar products and permeates our food.
  • Designed specifically for preventing the spread of crumbs and having the flexibility to precisely match the size and volume of the snack.
  • Replaces the disposable, contaminated sandwich bags.
  • Dimensions 15 * 15 cm. Thickness 3 cm.
  • Made in Israel. 

Multiple pocket for snacks and snacks

Small and useful multi-purpose bag with repeat closure.

Suitable for carrying cookies, nuts, cereals, sandwiches, snacks, fruits, dried fruits and other snacks.

What's fun in a multi-purpose bag?

* Made of natural laminated fabric on the inside

* Easy to wash and dries quickly

* Small and compact but capable of holding a lot!

* Maintains freshness and flavors

* Designed to prevent crumbs from spreading

* Lightweight

* Easy to carry and eat - both large and small hands

* Designed for multiple use over the years

* Made in Israel and packed by people with disabilities

* Bag color not selectable.



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