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Laceration Wound Closure Device - Single Unit

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Laceration Wound Closure Device

Restock your - Israeli First Aid Laceration Closure Kit

This listing is for the Laceration Wound Closure Device only, a single unit.

You can buy the complete Israeli First Aid Laceration Closure Kit here:


Information on the Israeli First Aid Laceration Closure Kit:

All you need in one kit to close acute wounds such as lacerations, cuts and surgical incisions. It can also be used to support skin sutures in larger wounds.

Instructions for use:

1. Preparation:

  • Stop the bleeding, clean and disinfect the wound.
  • If it’s a deep wound, necessary subcutaneous suture operation can be performed according to local clinical procedures.
  • Clean and dry the skin around the wound and make skin at the wound edges as neat as possible. Disinfect again with a second alcohol pad if necessary.

2. Application of the Wound Closure Devices:

  • Open the packaging, take out the Wound Closure device and remove the backing film.
  • Place it over the wound evenly, so that the tape adheres to the skin on both sides of the wound.
  • Gently pull the plastic ribbons to tighten the closure until the wound is closed.
  • Cut off the long ribbons if desired.
  • For a longer wound, use additional pieces, with a minimum of 2 mm space between each piece.
  • Apply the Sterile Adhesive Gauze Pad over the area for added protection from dirt etc.

3. Removal

  • For simple wounds that heal quickly, gentle self removal is possible after 2 days.
  • For deeper wounds or surgical wounds, please consult with the medical professional who applied it and/or a doctor.


  • Do not use if package is open or damaged.
  • Do not use if this product has exceeded the expiry date.
  • Do not reuse, reuse may cause serious infection.
  • The development of postoperative edema may cause skin shearing, skin blistering, or loss of tape adhesion to occur at either end of the nonwoven tape. If this happens, seek medical attention promptly. 
  • Ensure the patient is not sensitive or allergic to adhesive products prior to application.

Not recommended for use in the following circumstances:

  • Where adhesion cannot be obtained. Potential causes for inadequate adhesion are presence of exudate, skin oils, moisture, hair, heavily wrinkled skin or over body joints.
  • Infected wounds.
  • Severely allergic skin.
  • The wound or laceration is too large.
  • Critical patient condition.

Product advantages:

No secondary trauma, saving time and effort in post-treatment, no need to remove stitches, and easy removal after healing.
Not limited by shape and size of the wound; it is widely used in multiple medical departments.

No need for anesthesia, no intrusion into the skin, greatly relieve the patient's pain.
It has various specifications and can be combined for use according to the wound condition.

Achieves non-invasive, open, everted, reduced suture incision.

With multiple inverted teeth, the product can be applied for edema wounds.
Four stable ribbons to form a parallel force.
Helps to reduce the risk of infection of the wound.
Easy to apply, save time and labor.
Easy to clean the wound.