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Micro BVM Extension Tube 23-75cm (9-30")

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  • Safe & easy transport of an intubated patient
  • Secured airway
  • Extended treatment range up to 75 cm
  • No dead space
  • Universal compatibility

The Micro BVM EXT™ tube is the latest invention by Micro BVM.   The Micro BVM EXT is an expandable extension tube that ranges between 23 – 75 cm (9-30”).  Unlike any existing accessory in the emergency medicine market, the Micro BVM EXT tube enables practitioners to transport a patient that has been intubated with unprecedented safety and ease.

The Micro BVM EXT revolutionizes the way practitioners can ventilate patients.  Today, practitioners must stand above the patient when ventilating with the Bag Valve Mask (BMV).  With the Micro BVM EXT tube, the practitioner can stand at a slight distance from the patient.  This provides a whole new level of treatment maneuverability. For example, if the patient needs to be moved on a stretcher or between hospital wards, using the Micro BVM EXT tube, the practitioner can position himself/herself up to 75 cm away and safely continue to ventilate the patient.

The Micro BVM EXT tube also secures the airway.  Once an airway such as an endotracheal tube (ETT) has been inserted and set, the Micro BVM EXT tube protects it from unwanted extubation, which may occur if the practitioner is moved or loses his/her balance. Using the Micro BVM EXT tube, the ETT is secured with a flexible tube that can extend up to 75 cm. This ensures that even if the provider’s hands move, the EET is secure and the ventilation is uninterrupted.  Additionally, the T connector is very lightweight and doesn’t pull on the ETT.

Using the Micro BVM EXT tube, practitioners can also increase their personal safety. For example, if a patient needs to be ventilated in a fast-moving ambulance, rather than performing the treatment adjacent to the patient, where the practitioner is vulnerable to the vehicle’s movements, the practitioner can sit in the ambulance chair, secured by a seatbelt, and more comfortably carry out the procedure.

Another advantage of the Micro BVM EXT tube is that in emergency situations where there are several practitioners attending to the patient, the ventilating practitioner has the treatment flexibility to move a few centimeters away and provide the other practitioners with more room to treat the patient.

To avoid any instances of dead space, the Micro BVM EXT tube has been designed with a T connection that prevents air from flowing back into the tube.  Air blown into the tube enters the patient’s lungs and cannot re-enter the tube.

The Micro BVM EXT tube can be used with any BVM on the market! Its connections are universal and are compatible with all standard patient valve ports, such as viral filters, ET tubes and PEEP valves.  When connecting the Micro BVM EXT tube to a PEEP valve, users need to connect the PEEP to the end of the tube (closer to the ETT tube and not on the BVM port).  In its contracted mode the tube is highly compact and lightweight and easily fits into any emergency kit.

To ensure flawless operation even in the toughest of conditions, the Micro BVM EXT tube has been manufactured from the highest quality silicone.

P.N. (Part Number): MBVM EXT