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Micro Key / Tool Retractor, Carabiner

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50.00 Grams
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For gear weighting less than 2.5oz, to retract and hold (i.e. fly fishing tools, ID Tags, badges, bottle openers, 3-4 keys…)

Or for heavier items used as a safety tether to simply prevent loss (i.e. pocket knives, smart phones…)

Carabiner clip with large SS Gate opening easily attaches to large D-rings and belt loops.


Retractable Tether, Prevent Loss

Designed to ensure you never lose your Lightweight SCUBA gear! Your arms retain full mobility and keeps your hands free. Rotating snap clip attaches to your small D-rings, elastic or cord straps.

Comfortable Retraction Force:

Offers 2.5oz retraction force with a 36" extension, it provides reliable security without fatigue. You can comfortably use your slate pencils, knives lobster gauges and whistles with minimal drag, pull or dangle.

Ease of Use:

With Quick Connect - Q/C connector gear attachment system, allows your gear to be easily connected/disconnected from the Gear Keeper providing a no worry, easy use of gear during scuba diving, fishing and more.

Heavy-Duty Design:

Our diving flashlight retriever has a stainless steel spring for durability and high break strength. It also features our patented self-flushing system that removes sand, salt and debris.


-Spectra/Nylon Line

*Stainless Steel Spring & Hardware - 36" Extension

+2.5 oz. Retraction Force

-50 lbs. Breaking Strength